MyBrosVoice-205x300This true, historical account picks up where Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl leaves off.

Stephen “Pista” Nasser was thirteen years old when the Nazis whisked him and his family away from their home in Hungary to Auschwitz. His memories of that terrifying experience are still vivid, and his love for his brother Andris still brings a husky tone to his voice when he remembers the terrible ordeal they endured together.

Somehow, miraculously, some people did survive. Stephen Nasser survived. He was there. He wrote this account not to ask for pity or retribution, but to tell the truth that could allow us to save ourselves from ourselves. His story is painstakingly unembellished so that we will know what really happened.

DieStimmeMeinesBrudersCoverFinalNasser’s account, told in the refreshingly direct and optimistic language of a young boy, will help every reader to understand that the Holocaust was real and that if you have enough love, determination and will power there is always a better tomorrow.

MBVGuideLogoweb1A free teacher’s resource guide for exploring Holocaust issues, classroom assignments and discussions about My Brother’s Voice.

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JourneytoFreedom“Journey to Freedom” is an excellent follow on to “My Brother’s Voice” that documented the extraordinary life of a young soul tempered in the fire of “The Holocaust”.

This book chronicles a life centered in “The Positive”. It helps the reader to reflect on their own lives, adversity and the importance of family.
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