Journey To Freedom

JourneytoFreedom“Journey to Freedom” is an excellent follow on to “My Brother’s Voice” that documented the extraordinary life of a young soul tempered in the fire of “The Holocaust”.

Adversity can either break you or make you stronger.  In Stephen’s case “The Journey to Freedom flyerHolocaust” forged a positive attitude that “nothing in the future could be as bad as that which had already been faced”.

This book chronicles a life centered in “The Positive”.  It helps the reader to reflect on their own lives, adversity and the importance of family.  And at a time in his life when Stephen could be enjoying his golden years he has elected to keep a schedule of speaking engagements that would make many a younger man cringe.


His promise to his brother still centers Stephen’s life, and this book allows the reader to travel with him on a most interesting adventure . . . a life still shouting everyday, “NEVER AGAIN”.
Cecil “Paul” Jones

The Holocaust stands as the worst genocide in history and Stephen Nasser survived it. He watched his family murdered and in the final days before liberation his brother died in his arms. And despite this horror, his book is filled with hope and the promise of life to be fulfilled. Stephen has tirelessly brought his message to the world in books and personally engaging audiences all over the globe. “Journey to Freedom” is a gift…his gift to the world.

Randy Sutton
Author, Speaker, News Personality

Stephen “Pista” Nasser’s gripping diary “My Brother’s Voice” Left a great impact on the reading audience. Thousands of his readers requested to know, what happened to Pista as he immigrated to the New World.
You’ll find the answers in his new book “Journey to Freedom”
The Author details his life’s philosophy that love conquers hatred, and with the right attitude, no one can stop you in the pursue of Happiness.

His many accomplishments makes the reader ponder what all the victims of Nazi persecution could have achieved had they given the chance to live and thrive.

Professor Elfie Manning