Journey To Freedom

JourneytoFreedom“Journey to Freedom” is an excellent follow on to “My Brother’s Voice” that documented the extraordinary life of a young soul tempered in the fire of “The Holocaust”.

Adversity can either break you or make you stronger.  In Stephen’s case “The Journey to Freedom flyerHolocaust” forged a positive attitude that “nothing in the future could be as bad as that which had already been faced”.

This book chronicles a life centered in “The Positive”.  It helps the reader to reflect on their own lives, adversity and the importance of family.  And at a time in his life when Stephen could be enjoying his golden years he has elected to keep a schedule of speaking engagements that would make many a younger man cringe.


His promise to his brother still centers Stephen’s life, and this book allows the reader to travel with him on a most interesting adventure . . . a life still shouting everyday, “NEVER AGAIN”.
Cecil “Paul” Jones

The Holocaust stands as the worst genocide in history and Stephen Nasser survived it. He watched his family murdered and in the final days before liberation his brother died in his arms. And despite this horror, his book is filled with hope and the promise of life to be fulfilled. Stephen has tirelessly brought his message to the world in books and personally engaging audiences all over the globe. “Journey to Freedom” is a gift…his gift to the world.

Randy Sutton
Author, Speaker, News Personality

Stephen “Pista” Nasser’s gripping diary “My Brother’s Voice” Left a great impact on the reading audience. Thousands of his readers requested to know, what happened to Pista as he immigrated to the New World.
You’ll find the answers in his new book “Journey to Freedom”
The Author details his life’s philosophy that love conquers hatred, and with the right attitude, no one can stop you in the pursue of Happiness.

His many accomplishments makes the reader ponder what all the victims of Nazi persecution could have achieved had they given the chance to live and thrive.

Professor Elfie Manning

Holocaust Remembrance Day

P1010873-300x225Stephen Nasser took a much-needed break from his hectic schedule of school presentations to attend a special event at the Nevada governor’s mansion in Carson City.

By special invitation, thirty-six survivors of the Holocaust and their spouses were flown on Sheldon Adelson’s private jet to participate in Holocaust Remembrance Day with P1020021-300x225Governor Brian Sandoval. Seven of the survivors, including Mr. Nasser, were called up to light memorial candles as part of the ceremony, which also included a lovely reception filled with abundant food, beautiful singing, and a poignant reading from Ann Frank’s diary.

Mr. Nasser also presented Governor Sandoval with a signed copy of P1020008-300x225My Brother’s Voice and a sample chapter of his new play based on his diaries, Not Yet, Pista. A perfect ending to a magical day.

Now back to “school!”

Exit – Stage Left

NotYetcvrCOPIER-231x300We are pleased to announce that author Stephen Nasser, along with educator Anntane Raskin, has completed the stage play Not Yet, Pista, based on his original diary. Companies, sponsors, and schools who are interested in reviewing the play are welcome to contact Stephen, “Pista”, Nasser at 702-645-6920 or Special consideration will be given to schools!

MARCH over to the Library!

Traveling the world over sharing the story of My Brother’s Voice, author Stephen Nasser has had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

nasser-300x200And while all are special to him, none is more memorable than meeting nobel laureate Elie Wiesel as he was honored at the 8th annual In Pursuit of Excellence gala at the Venation Hotel November 17, 2012.

The two will meet again in April at the twentieth anniversary of the United States Holocaust Museum’s opening.

An interview with a Narrator

Reposted from – Sue Campbell, the book designer, February 25, 2013:

Stephens Press continues its venture into audiobooks with the publication of their bestseller, My Brother’s Voice by Stephen Nasser. This true story about a young boy surviving the Holocaust has been a perennial favorite since its first printing in 2003. The book debuted in hardcover, followed by trade paperback and there have been numerous reprintings in the intervening 10 years. It came to Kindles and iPads everywhere in 2012. And in all those venues it continues to sell well, and spread its message.

Mr. Nasser is the dynamo behind the lasting impact his story has had on his many audiences of students and adults, alike. He has spoken to groups upwards of 800 times all around the USA, and the world. He continues to do so almost on a weekly basis. Soon, the story will come alive in a stage play.

When Stephens Press first decided to venture into audiobooks, My Brother’s Voice was high on the list of books that publisher, Carolyn Uber, (and myself as the newly dubbed “audiobooks coordinator”) wanted to hear in audio. We knew that this book would need a special voice, to bring the story to life. So I began the audition process on ACX (audiobook creator’s exchange) a division of I knew that I wanted a younger voice and one that could convey the emotion and drama of this story, but without going overboard toward maudlin or melodramatic.

I listened to many sample “reels,” and chose a few narrators and sent requests for a “sample” reading. Most all of them obliged me with a five minute reading from our book. What struck me was how different the interpretations all were. They were all good, in different ways, but the one I knew I wanted stood out for me right from the start. That one was Maxwell Glick.

Max had exactly the right tone, and a balance of drama and matter-of-factness. His clarity and pronunciation, superb. He also portrayed just the right amount of youthful “naiveté” that I felt suited they young “Pista” Nasser of the story. And, Max is an actor—that was also something I felt we needed for this story—because only an actor would “get” how to convey the emotional component. He does and boy did he ever!

I was thrilled when Max agreed to work with us on narrating this book. We’re lucky enough to have an interview with Mr. Glick, and following that an audio sample of his work on My Brother’s Voice. Please read on for your reward!

Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?
MaxGlick-300x244I’m Maxwell Glick from Long Island, NY. Live in Los Angeles, CA, and I’m an actor!

What inspired you to get into audiobook narration?
As an actor you’re constantly on the lookout for as many opportunities to work as possible. I started doing some voiceover work, and then heard about the website ACX, where authors search for narrators for their books. I love books and I love doing voiceover work, so I thought this was something I could do!

How long have you been doing audiobooks?
Since starting over a year ago, I’ve narrated almost 20 books now. It’s been great.

Do you also do other kinds of voice over or narration?
I’ve done many voice overs for all different kinds of things. I’ve done a bunch of commercials, cartoons, and e-learning guides. I’m currently working on a new cartoon where I’ve become the voice of a blue elephant named Bubbles. We’ll be hearing more about that soon once the show really gets underway. (Sue: Max is too modest. He’s also guested TV shows since he came to L.A., including appearances on The Office and, more recently, on Castle.)

What attracted you to My Brother’s Voice?
Stories from the Holocaust are so important for everyone to read and listen to. Holocaust survivors are some of the most brave and inspirational people this world has known. Their stories need to live on forever, and getting the opportunity to tell Stephen’s story was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.

What was the experience of recording this book like for you?
This was such an incredible experience for me. It definitely was not easy at times. Throughout the recording process, I’d have to pause and regroup because some of the scenes are so emotional that I’d get choked up during the reading. When I finished the recording, I just wanted to tell everyone all about it because it was the best audiobook experience I’ve ever had. I just want the world to hear Stephen’s story. It really was an honor to get to tell it.

Tell us a little bit about the process of narration?
Audiobook narration is a very unique gig! It takes a long time and you need to keep your voice in good shape for the duration of the book.

Where do you record, how long does it take, etc.
It depends on the length of the book how long it takes me to record. I can usually finish it in 1-2 weeks. I record from my home! I have a home studio literally in my walk in closet. I’ve transformed it into a space where I can work!

Do you do any sort of preparation to get yourself ready for it?
My preparation for a book is to read it, and look up anything I don’t know the meaning of. For this, I got to talk to Stephen and actually have him pronounce all of the Hungarian words I didn’t know which made my life much easier going into the book.

Is it just like acting?
Audiobook narration is like acting, but a very different kind of acting. You’re all the voices!

(You can follow more about Max’s career on and follow his twitter feed @maxwellglick. He also has his own YouTube Channel and is a regular on the popular Lizzy Bennett Diaries on YouTube. What a busy guy!
Listen to a sample of My Brother’s Voice. The audiobook is available at; iTunes; and We expect the book to soon be available on Amazon’s Whispersync which will let you listen or read on your Kindle device and it will sync your place in both formats! Even if you’re read the book before hearing it narrated by a consummate performer like Max is a totally new experience, and one you won’t want to miss.

Sue Campbell’s novella, “Shadows of Dreams” can be found in Witch Hunt: Of the Blood. She designs award-winning books and jump-off-the-shelf covers from her Colorado studio, assisted by her standard poodles, Pepper and Bella.